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The Perfect Shirt


British House has devoted itself to being a benchmark of quality.
It took us years of dedication, passion and an eye for perfection to craft a unique path towards mastery.

"We commit to present The Perfect Shirt to men that help them to dress in an elegant and comfortable style"

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Shoes are the finishing touch on any outfit and it is important to complete a look with the perfect pair!

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10-PO2105 /  بولو تركواز 10-PO2109 /  بولو روز 10-PO2102 / بولو أخضر 10-PO2103 / بولو كحلى 10-PO2106 / بولو أبيض

Summer Vibes


An iconic style for summer , Polo shirt one of the most preferable items for men. British House present 11 colors to style colorful summer with high quality pure cotton to ensure your comfort to the max.

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Business Shirt

Classic Collection

Business dress shirt made with the finest pure cotton fabric, with advanced Liquid Ammonia treatment , to ensure you an attractive appearance throughout the day

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The Perfect Shirt

Our mission is to provide a unique shirt made out of finest cotton fabrics made in passion and obsess of every small details, some people create history but we really have our own history

affordable price is a main goal therefore we are committed to ONLINE STORE in order to minimize the cost and being reachable to most of our sincere customers all over the world

Body Size Chart

Buying fashion online is no longer difficult issue, by using Size Chart App ; we can accurately identify your body measurement and determine the appropriate size, as if it was tailored for you.

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How to buy clothing Online

Know the best practices when it comes to shopping for clothing online

Customers' Review

الاوردر وصل بسرعة جدا وفي بوكس شيك كأنه هدية اول ما شوفته احترمت الستور

خدمة عملاء ممتازة لو في مشكلة في المقاس بيتواصلو

أول مرة أعمل ريفيو لحاجة اتشريتها اون لاين بس فعلا ده اقل حاجة ممكن اقدمها جنب الذوق و الاحترام

شكرا British House

Ahmad Daloul

بعد التعامل معكم حقيقى انا ندمان اننى عرفتكم متأخر , ذوق , شياكة , اناقة, , خامة و الاجمل المقابلة و التواصل و الاهتمام , ربنا يكرمكم و دائما فى تقدم

Usama Mahmoud

بجد إنتو رائعين و بتفكروا باحساسنا و رغباتنا , انا دايما كنت بتمنى يبقى فى قميص يجمع بين شياكة Slim و راحة Regular و كنت اجرب جميع البراندات لحد لما عينيا راحت و عشقت British House , و من هنا بدأت الاقى مقاسات كأنها صنعت من أحلى الخامات و الالوان , شكرا لكم 

Ahmed Ibrahim